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By Menu Maker anybody can create Drop down menus without writing a line of code
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This software is not useful for all persons but it is very useful for all website developers or owners. By using Selteco’s Menu Maker anybody can create Drop down menus without writing a single line of code and in just few minutes your menu will be ready to insert in your site. Not only this, you can create horizontal and vertical both type of great looking drop down menus. Presently Menu maker provides three ways to create web menu for your site – standard, relative and fixed. You can choose any of these according to your requirements or according to your site design. Creating a menu is very easy because of its user friendly design. But in the relative and standard mode you can add submenus to only main menu and you can not create submenu under a submenu item. In the fixed mode you can add submenu under the submenu too. It also let you set target frame of each individual menu items. Menu maker also gives you the full flexibility to set colors of menus and submenus. And if you want to create more attractive menus then you can use its image decoration feature. So we can say that menu creating is fully controllable in Menu Maker.

Manoj Goel
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  • Can create vertical and horizontal drop down menus
  • Can use images for more stylish menus
  • Can set Target frames for each item of menu
  • Supports standard, relative and fixed mode


  • Not freeware
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